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The Trust’s core aim is to ensure that we enhance the life chances of all the young people within the Trust to enable them to fulfil their potential and achieve the best possible outcomes.

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Summer Term Overview Part 2

Maple class have started the year off well by practicing their times tables through the use of games!

Maple class have been busy learning about collaboration. They used team work skills to build the strongest bridge!


Maple class learning how to find places in an atlas by using the index and then finding the page/grid reference.

This week, Maple class have been tasting Fairtrade foods and comparing them to non-fairtrade in preparation for writing balanced arguments about whether or not it is worth buying Fairtrade. They tried bananas and chocolate!

Maple class have had a very exciting start to their new topic ‘ Secrets of the Sarcophagus’....dressed as Ancient Egyptians and mummifying fruit and vegetables. They also has a best Egyptian mummy competition!

Maple class have now finished their art project based on the Ancient Egyptians. They decorated their death masks after many weeks of preparation! They are very proud of the outcome.

Maple’s new topic is called ‘a prehistoric puzzle’. To start this off, the children had fun finding out about some theories surrounding the building of Stonehenge and then had a go at building their own mini models using sand dough.

As today is Twosday, Maple class have been completing lots of 2 activities. They used the order of operation to make different numbers by only using the number 2’s, explored the homophone to, too and two and completing lots of activities in twos!

Maple class have enjoyed having their parents in school for their parent involvement day creating their very own potato characters!

Maple class have been busy gathering natural resources to make their very own paint to inspire some cave art style painting.

The children in Maple class have been continuing to work on their DT project today. They have attached mechanical and electrical systems to the chassis of their trains to enable them to move.

Maple class have finished making their moving trains using gears and electrical circuits. To finish off this project, they had a ‘wacky race’!

Maple class have been making a model of ‘blood’ as part of their memorable experience today. They also created information sheets about the different parts of our blood.

Maple class enjoyed a visit from Mrs Groom this week. She brought in lots of WW2 memorabilia that she has from her grandad who was in the RAF during the war. The children gained lots of knowledge about the war and what it was like to live during that time.