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Summer Term Overview Part 2

Reading Recommendations for Year 1

KS1 Maths Challenge


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In Hornbeam class we regularly remind ourselves of our class rules. They are displayed in our classroom to remind us everyday to listen to each other, use kind words, look after the equipment and show respect to one another. We are very good at remembering them and try very hard to put them into practise.

Hornbeam children did a fantastic job of finding out all about Queen Elizabeth 2nd for their half-term homework. They also made some amazing crowns!

On Friday, Hornbeam class visited Barleylands Farm.  We enjoyed a full day of amazing activities including baking biscuits, riding on the bumpy tractor, feeding some of the animals, hunting for minibeasts and identifying birds in the aviary. We even had an indoor picnic! We were all very well behaved and Mrs Golding was very proud of us.

Hornbeam children have been learning how to care for birds during the winter in their science lessons. This week they learnt how to make bird feeders to provide a tasty treat for the birds that visit our school grounds. They think the squirrels might have a sneaky nibble at them too!

What a wonderful moment to see some of the Hornbeam boys choosing to explore an atlas together in the reading area. They were totally engrossed in their learning and enjoyed pointing out which animals live in different parts of the world.

This week Hornbeam have been learning to write a biography in English. They have been writing all about Santa Claus for Narg the alien who has never heard of Santa before. Today, they wrote sentences using the word ‘and’ to join clauses.

Hornbeam class really got into the spirit of Christmas today in their fabulous Christmas jumpers.

Hornbeam class having a wonderful time at their Christmas party!

 Hornbeam class have been learning about food from around the world in their DT lessons. Today, they tasted French bread, Naan bread and Poppadoms. They then wrote about their preferences in their books. It was a very exciting afternoon!

Hornbeam class were amazed at what they discovered when we carefully dug up our runner bean plants. They were able to learn scientific vocabulary from first hand experience and can now name the root, stem and leaf of a plant. One of the children used an Ipad to take these wonderful photos.

Hornbeam class have been learning to use a word processor to type their names. They also explored the keys on the keyboard, finding out what would happen to the text if they pressed the backspace and space bar keys. 

Blake and Evie were very proud to show us the trophies they were awarded for their work in the drama class they attend outside of school. Very well done and thank you for sharing your proud moments with us at school.

Hornbeam class used an app called Jr Scratch to begin to use some coding skills on the Ipads this week. They worked with a partner to plan the movements they wanted their characters to make and used lots of directional language.



Hornbeam class started their ’London’s Burning’ topic by wearing the fantastic fire hats they made for part of their holiday homework. They were all so amazing and all very different!

To celebrate ‘Twosday’ Hornbeam class enjoyed a range of activities including a sock hunt. They searched for two matching socks that were hidden around the classroom. It was great fun!

Hornbeam class had an exciting afternoon decorating potatoes as their favourite book characters with their parents and carers.

Oliver from Hornbeam class went to visit the London Monument to enhance his learning in class about The Great Fire of London. He was very proud to bring his photos and souvenirs to school to show us.

Hornbeam class expressed their learning of the Great Fire of London through art. They painted the background with colours that reminded them of fire and then added collage to add a 3D effect and bring their artwork to life.

Hornbeam class were very excited to welcome two police officers from Basildon Police Station today. They came to tell us about their work to provide us with a memorable experience for our new topic 'Hero hunters'. The children said the best bit was when the car sirens were switched on!

This half term Hornbeam are learning about stable structures in their Design Technology lessons. They will eventually make their own toy garages, so today they explored some existing products to find out how they are assembled.

In English, Hornbeam class are learning to write instructions. They started by learning to follow instructions and understanding that they must be written and followed in the correct order.

In Design Technology, Hornbeam children have been learning about stable structures. They designed and made their own toy garages. Didn’t they do a fantastic job?